Monday, October 15, 2012

GPS and Me

Oh traffic.  How I loathe thee.  Friday afternoon, 3 o'clock, here in Bothell.  I guess I should have simply waited until rush hour was over, but I thought that I was awesome enough to fly through without having to pay the price for not leaving sooner.  I was all prepared to make the trek down south to Puyallup.  I should have known better and been ready to leave sooner.  But I got to enjoy one of the last nice sunny afternoons of the season, sitting in my car with the windows down and music going.  Now I have no need for using my GPS any longer to find my way to Puyallup...but I had it out and going to help "predict" my arrival time, which kept being pushed later and later.  I was on the final leg of the journey and had hit yet ANOTHER traffic snarl.  I mean snarl in that I was moving at speeds that were barely registering on my speedometer...when my GPS (with whom I have a shaky relationship with already) asked me:

"Would you like to switch to pedestrian mode?"

Umm...not particularly.  Thanks for rubbing it in.

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