Wednesday, September 05, 2012

...So yeah...I am ENGAGED!!!

Where oh where to begin?
It has been a summer beyond describing...but I am going to give it a try :)
I'll begin back in April.
I was excited to attend Bone Junior's big 3-oh Oscars Birthday Party!!! Sort of a "Welcome to My Box", Big Deal birthday, and I was NOT going to miss it. While there I was fortunate enough to hide away at Yanaj & Paul's until the big reveal, and it was during one of those talking times that I discussed with Yanaj my thoughts about online dating. I have been trying different ... um ... adventures? ... to diversify the odds of meeting someone. I had put a profile up on one of those sites last summer, but did not feel ready to commit by paying for its full services. Instead I let it sit and I would receive notices that this person or that had taken a gander at said profile, or messaged me and "wouldn't I like to sign up and connect with so and so?" I was able to ignore these blips for nearly a year. That is, until one person stood out among the rest. That is where my conversation with Yanaj comes in (which accurately went something like this):
HPLuvr: " Yanaj...I've been seriously considering trying the online dating thing..."
*nervous pause*
"does that seem too geeky?"
*rushing on to explain my thinking*
"Because I've been really thinking that its not like I go out bar hopping to meet guys...and there are nice guys in the singles ward, but not anyone I really see potential with...and I tried that singles cruise to Europe...and remember that REALLY LONG mid-singles campout awhile back? Scary! Anyways...I've come to the conclusion that meeting online is a great way as long as it doesn't remain online forever...because have to physically meet to see if there is a spark...right? Sounds ok right? Will you be forever silently judging me for EVEN considering this?"
Yanaj: "Of course not. You should give it a go" (I may be paraphrasing here a bit...but you get the idea)
HPLuvr: "Oh good. *HUGE sigh* Because there is a particular guy that I think sounds interesting and I want to find out some more about him. I think I'm going to go for it..."
Fast Forward...nearly 2 months...yup...2 months! Apparently I still had some self talking into to do!
Little did I know that this decision would be so life changing...altering...rocking... :)

Yup. That is about as much information as I had to go on :) well maybe a bit more...but it caught my eye and I went for it. That is I signed up and committed.
...and here is my secret...

He was the reason I signed up. We started out emailing back and forth. He was amazing with the words. It did not take me long before I realized that I wanted to meet this guy in person. It also wasn't long before we did :) and we made plans to meet...but even before the official first date came, his errands ended early one day...and we decided to meet up sooner. There were the usual "first time meeting butterflies" and "oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?" thoughts running around in my head. And that knock on the door get the idea! I am so glad that I opened that door and began my last first date :)

To say the least, things moved rapidly...and I was enjoying the experience!

In fact, I knew fairly soon that this was the man for me...and I was pretty sure he was as into the relationship we were creating too! The third date, our mini road trip through Leavenworth, Wenatche, and Winthrop...on the Cascade Mountain Loop...was a pivotal date. I figured anyone willing to invest in an activity that had "no easy escape route" for that long (upwards of 12 hours!) was interested in finding out more about me! I knew I was excited!!! I planned a "20 Questions" grab bag to keep the conversation going. I may have planted a few important "I gotta know the answers to these" know those awkward ones that are difficult to work into a regular conversation...and he was willing to give honest answers.

This was also the date that I knew that this guy was someone special. He planned specific stops along the road trip that he knew I would enjoy...fresh apple cider...a quaint bookstore...all of which caught my attention (as if he needed anymore of it!)

From the beginning we spent as much time getting to know one another as possible. Chatting online....texting...his days off...mornings before he had to go to work. I was willing to selfishly claim that time! And eventually we began inviting the other into each other's lives. Meeting families, attending the other's ward...passing friend and feline tests alike :)

...participating in my silly schemes...


...things began falling into place...rapidly! We knew that we wanted to be together...officially. I "requested" to graduate from my singles ward rather than be kicked out, which meant that I told him :) that he had until December to propose. He teased me. Gave me a tough time. But the day we celebrated his transfer to day shift, he was celebrating himself knowing that he had just bought my engagement and wedding rings...and they spent the day riding around hidden in his car with us!
Although whether or not he was going to propose was no longer a secret...the when and how was. He found it a challenge to set up a time to talk with my dad and mom without me tagging along :) But he did! I did not have a CLUE that he had done it! Props to both him and my parents for their sneaky sneaky behavior...of which I underestimated :)

While I was at home getting ready for a noon Evergreen State Fair date with him...he was meeting my parents at a local park...showing my Mom my rings!
In fact...we did go to the fair. It was the fastest time through a fair to date! Little did I know why...until my suspicions were aroused with a requested return trip to the location of where we began our first date:) A beach park that on Labor Day was much busier than our first visit there. But no matter. We spread out a blanket and he handed me a gift. A pretty monumental gift! In which I admit, some laughs were had...and some "This is it!" thoughts were going on...and even some tears. I wanted to rush through to the end but didn't want to miss out on any of this experience that he had carefully which he culminated with a little white ring box and an answer that I happily gave...YES!

March cannot come quickly marry this man that I still find hard to believe that I get to spend my life loving!

...mush...mush...I know:)


Brynn said...

So happy you two found each other - now you need a post telling us more about him. :) Love ya Nic!

Matthew and Shanna said...

What a great story! I am so happy for you!

~L said...

Congratulations Nicole! You look so happy!!


AaronReed said...

I noticed you pinned my Wedding Photography ad on Pinterest. Am I photographing your wedding? Let me know!

Aaron Reed