Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I don't know about the average person, but I know this about myself...I love me some checklists.  They make me feel in control and you know...organized :)  I remember in college that in order to keep class assignments and midterms and such straight I began using a daily organizer.  To be honest, the whole daily organizer thing didn't last for too many semesters, and it was only in college that it happened, but I LOVED putting "TO DO" items that I could then CHECK OFF.  Yup, it was all about that line thru a completed task, in fact, sometimes (regularly) I would add items that I had already done, just so I could check them off!  Well now...why the big to do about checklists?  Let me say this: if you like checklists...plan a wedding.  No kidding.  I've got checklists up to my eyeballs...or up to where my veil will fall (veil which yes, I've finished, and YES its checked off the list!)  Venue, reserve temple date, engagement photos, announcements...wedding dress, shoes (both mine & bridesmaids), hire caterer- decide on a menu, photographer, centerpieces, corsages...bouquets...all flowers! Who is going to pick up what (where & when), "Day of Schedule", apply for marriage license....it goes on...and on........and on.  Some of said items have remained un-checked on the To Do Lists for quite some time, maybe some even up to the day of - ahhh!!  I couldn't imagine planning and pulling something like this together (and attempting to remain sane) WITHOUT the help and creativity of parents, friends, and of course the guy that instigated the need to plan such an event ;) But this is what I wanted to remind myself of:

As long as we both I show up with (the checked off) marriage license & our temple recommends....everything else is just a detail.

Details that yes, could go wrong...
...but isn't that what creates the funny experiences that hopefully we 
(and all of youtube viewers) get to watch and remember???

That and remembering that even though there may be considerable and ongoing To Do Lists...I can change my thinking about those Lists and like someone once told me, those To Do Lists can become my Ta-DAH Lists.

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