Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jumping in Head First...

So last Labor Day weekend I did it. That's right. I attended a Mid Singles Activity.

My awesome Houstonian friend posted awhile back about how her foray into the Mid Singles went and I quote:

"I was wanting to meet people I would have more in common with. Maybe I went to the wrong type of activity?"

Well, taking courage from her, and a bit of en-couragement from others here in Bothell, I signed up for and went to a Labor Day Weekend campout. I jumped in head first. Instead of a mild 2 hour time investment, with quick escape route, I chose to go camping. You read that right, I spent 72 of the planned 96 hours involved with this activity.

Now I am able to say that I met quite a few interesting, fun, and humorous people. In fact, it may not even be my last activity with them. What is most interesting to me is that I clicked quickly with one gal- then found out she was there with her single father on their way to him dropping her off at BYU-Idaho :) figures! Guess I am not as old as it has been feeling lately in the Branch here. So me.

...and my "Kiss Me I'm Irish" sweatshirt was a big coversation starter...

So am beginning to wonder what is in store for this summer.

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Combitos said...

Nic! I chatted with your mamma last night and just thought I would say hi :) She said you have a tutoring gig lined up... that's awesome! We are still saying our prayers for you that a full time teaching position will open up. I would kill to have you as Ava's teacher!

And then, come to find out you've updated your blog! Yay! Sounds like a fun time.

I recently made my blog private so send me an email and I will forward over an invite if you still read mine. meggancombsathotmaildotcom